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Dr. Srishti Attri

Advanced Eye Clinic

Dr. Srishti Attri was looking for an eye care advertising agency that has special knowledge about the eye care industry. Watch the video and see Dr. Srishti Attri at Advanced Eye Clinic discuss how Eye Care Marketer helped her boost her online presence, generate more appointments and outrank local competition online.



Dr. Srishti Attri needed help managing her practice’s online presence and increasing her appointments. We helped her to generate new patients with very minimum ad spends and CRO optimized website.



We made a strategy to seal all the local searches for her eye care services through Paid Google ads and SEO. We targeted the right keywords with high-quality ads and specific location targeting to get more quality clicks.


Dr. Srishti Attri saw great improvements in practices. She has seen an increase in calls and appointments. Also, her conversion rate improved, and she started getting way more patients appointments and more ROI.




on Google Ads



on Google Map



Per Month



Increased in 2 Month

“Boom! Just expanded our eye clinic to another location in Wichita Falls, TX. These marketing guys are crazy. They made a wonderful website for us and it’s very easy to use. Whenever you search you will see Advanced Eye Clinic on top. On the Search page, map page and everywhere you go you will see our ads. Our patients come to us and say we see your ads every day. The appointment’s just doubled That’s awesome. “

Dr. Srishti

Advance Eye Care
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