Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, 100%. You own everything from the beginning and have all access to your ads accounts & websites. You have complete control over to whom you can provide access.

No. Our product pricing is only the management fees that we take to manage & optimize everything in your account. These fees don’t include Ads Budget. You will add your credit cards to your account & you will see & control how much you are willing to spend on your campaigns. We have limited access to that sections.

Yes. You can just send us a message or contact us in any way to upgrade plans. Sometimes we will reach you if we find out that any other plan is more beneficial for you.

Yes, Of Course. We encourage you to do that. We will share every creative with you before going live on campaigns. You can provide your valuable feedback, and our designer will change it according to your feedback.

Our invoicing system is fully automatic. You can pay it once from your card that you are willing to use for paying us. That card will be charged automatically every month. You will get a receipt immediately when your card is charged. Every single payment is secured by Stripe & PayPal.

We know eye care ppc ads better and have proven our marketing skill to help eye care providers to see enormous growth in their practice.

The number of patients you will get with your search campaign depends on many factors such as population density and demographics, the insurance you accept and of course your budget. We do our best to get you optimal results and more new clients along with old patients.

ECSearch are perfect for clients who want to work with us for PPC only and already working with other agencies with their website, SEO & related services. We manage your Google Ads campaigns, and you can continue with other agencies with their services if you like.

There is no limit of budget with search campaigns. The more the better. Once we know your practice and the competition your practise has to deal with, we can give you an estimate about what your ad budget should be.

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