Customer Success Story

Dr. Yoshitaka Oka

Senshinkai Eye Clinics

Dr. Yoshitaka Oka came to us because he lost money with his PPC ads and was not getting enough patient appointments. He was looking for a solution to get the best ROI for his eye care practice.



The challenge was to target the right audience with the right message to get a good return on ad spends. His campaign was bleeding money cause he lacked quality keywords and was targeting a wider audience than he should.


Our Strategy

We made a strategy to seal all the local searches for his eye care services through Paid Google ads and Microsoft ads. We targeted the right keywords with high-quality ads and specific location targeting to get more quality clicks.

Results Achieved

Dr. Oka saw significant improvements in his website traffic as he was ranking on the top three spots of both Google and Microsoft ads to grab the local searches. Also, his conversion rate improved, and he started getting way more patients appointments and more ROI.



on Google Local Search

#3X More

Organic Website Traffic


LEADS Per Month

210% Conversion

Increased in 2 Month

“I joined Eye Care Marketer to stop money wastage, greater ROAS, and more appointments. They increased my appointments by 213%. I’ve had such a great response from my current patients because they are doing something called remarketing. New Patients are coming every day for same-day & walk-in eye exams. That’s what I wanted. “

Dr. Yoshitaka Oka

Senshinkai Eye Clinics