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We start with thorough research into the eye care market and your competitors.

We set up tracking and Google Analytics to monitor conversions for your eye care campaign.

We choose relevant keywords, craft eye-catching ad copy, and structure your campaign effectively.

Once reviewed, we activate your eye care PPC campaigns.

Our expert team ensures ongoing optimization for improved eye care campaign performance and ROI.

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Case Study 1


This client aimed to increase appointment bookings for their eye care practice. In the initial phases of their campaign, they encountered challenges with low click-through rates, which had a noticeable impact on the visibility and overall performance of their eye care ads.


We executed a Google Ads campaign targeting individuals searching for eye care services in their local area. The outcome? A remarkable 50% boost in conversions and a 25% reduction in the cost per conversion for our eye care client.

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Case Study 2


The client requires visibility across all of Google’s ad platforms, which encompass Google Display, YouTube, Discovery Feed, and Gmail.


To address the client’s need for comprehensive visibility on Google’s ad platforms, we recommend implementing Performance Max campaigns. These campaigns are designed to maximize reach and exposure across Google’s entire network, including Google Display, YouTube, Discovery Feed, and Gmail.

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