Optometrists Should Implement These 7 Trendy Optometry Marketing Ideas In 2022

Marketers know for a fact that all business owners recognize the value of getting their brand out there to attract more customers to their neighborhood. For this reason, well-organized and practical eye care marketing concepts are vital for your optometry business practice. However, not everyone is familiar with utilizing such modern, unique marketing tools, so how do you plan on promoting your optometry business? 

For Optometry marketing ideas, it’s always ideal to consult with professionals. This article will point out key marketing ideas and strategies that will boost your eyecare business all the way to the top, ensuring that you outperform your main competitors too. There is no need to overthink or struggle as this article will make things clear for business owners to grow and maintain a successful eye care business.

1. Drive More Web Traffic by Utilizing Pay Per Click (PPC)

When you use Google or another search engine to hunt for anything that interests you or a product/service of a company, you’ve definitely seen that some of the initial results have an ‘ad’ symbol next to them. PPC advertisements, or if we use their full name: pay-per-click ads, are what they’re called.

So how do PPC ads work? Say suppose, someone in your city is in dire need of emergency eye care services, they type in specific keywords related to optometry, your website’s ad link is likely to appear at the top on the first page of their search engine. This ad link will then redirect that visitor to your website page, and then the rest is completely up to them. PPC ads are a great way to interact and make the most out of your target audience, they are budget-friendly and have specialized customizations that allow them to be personalized according to your preferences. PPC ads are a great way to increase your appointment bookings and generate high revenue. Here’s how PPC ads text would look like:

  • Best Eye Doctors In [Your Location]
  • Book Your Optometrist Today
  • $70 Off For Your First Eye Exam

2. Provide Eye Health Seminars For Your Communities

This may come as a surprise, but not many people have any prior knowledge of eye health and the services that are readily available to improve it. Many also feel discouraged, thinking they’ll never need them in their lives. This is why you should prioritize educating and encouraging them to take up these vital, life-saving services. Rent out community centers for a day and invite people who are keen on learning, one advantage is that people will receive quality lectures and become informed with more knowledge. Hosting these seminars is also a great way of building relationships with your community who will be more interested in supporting your business in the future. Here are some eye care seminar topics that may interest your patients:

  • Eating more vegetables to improve your vision
  • Maintaining a healthy sleep cycle everyday
  • Importance of detecting early signs of various eye diseases.

3. Ensure That Your Optometry Website Is Mobile Responsive


It’s no surprise that mobile users are dominating the tech industry, a high proportion of mobile users look for businesses that interest them on their smartphones. Studies show that smartphones drove 61% of website visits to US-based websites back in 2020, which rose significantly from 57% in 2019 and is expected to rise for years to come. Not making your website mobile-responsive will cost you losing plenty of patients.

Mobile users expect smooth and greater ease for using your website’s services. You need to ensure them the best possible mobile experience there is. Here are some areas you need to improve on to make your website mobile-friendly:

  • Get rid of pop-ups immediately
  • Conduct frequent testing to detect and eliminate bugs and problems
  • Buttons and fonts are bigger and easier to read
  • The website can load and operate regardless of the user’s smart devices.

4. Include A Blog Section And Update It Regularly

Hosting educational seminars is something you can’t do daily, however, there are more convenient ways to reach your audience and inform them about your eye care practices. By adding a blog section to your website, you can write articles on the latest trend on eye care services and how technology is progressing to ensure quality and safer services. You can also email your subscribers every time you post a blog so that they will read it as soon as possible. As you email your patients each time you post a blog, you benefit from certain features, they are:

  • Drive more web traffic to your website
  • Significantly improve your SEO with valued content that pushes your website in the search engine
  • Create awareness for your patients about limited-time deals, special offers, etc.

5. Add An Online Store For The Convenience Of Your Patients

While it’s important to generate your revenue through online bookings, consider selling various kinds of eye care products too. And sell them not just in your office, but online as well. By adding an online store section to your website, customers can buy vital healthcare products so that they don’t need to drive or walk all the way to your clinic. Online products are also what customers look for the most, especially on social media, where their news feed ads are shown based on their most recent web search history. Here are some eye care products you can sell in your online store:

  • Artificial tears
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Cleaning kits for eyeglasses
  • Contact lens solution

6. Introduce Video Marketing And Give Your Audience A Behind-the-scenes Look Into Your Business

People love a good narrative, and video marketing is a terrific method to show people who you are as a team and as a company, as well as what values you hold. Video has risen to the top of the list of important eye care marketing ideas, as well as marketing for businesses in every other industry, in recent years.

Videos help marketers engage with their audience, this is true when it comes to social media, as users share a video that they find interesting, helping it to become viral. Video marketing is one of the best ways for patients to relate to your business while also helping boost your brand awareness.

7. EyeCare Marketer Is Just The Marketing Agency You Need For Your Practice Growth

The guide to a successful eyecare business doesn’t just end there. Trends are changing all the time and marketing technologies are evolving at a rapid rate. Which is exactly why you need the assistance of marketing professionals who are at the top of their game to boost your eyecare clinic. From designing optimized, visually appealing, and interactive websites, or targeting new patients to developing specialized optometry ad marketing campaigns, EyeCare Marketer has got you covered. Every professional optometrist and ophthalmologist has become successful thanks to collaborating with an effective eye care marketing agency, so it’s time you look for one too. So just sit back and relax and let us do all the work so we can get you up to speed in no time.

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