Let’s assume you have a great website for your optometry practice, but does your website show up when people search for “optometry services” or “eye care doctor near me”? If you do not, then you are lagging behind by miles and losing the patient’s appointments to your competitors.

Google Ads PPC is what can put you on the top spots of Google Search Results and beat your competitors in the race of getting more appointments. Google is the most popular 100 billion searched every month. Besides Google ads, PPC offers many tools to boost your patient’s appointments.

Google Ads PPC  is what can put you on the top spots of Google Search Results and beat your competitors in the race of getting more appointments. Google is the most popular 100 billion searched every month. Besides Google ads, PPC offers many tools to boost your patient’s appointments. Before we talk about how you can use Google Ad PPC to boost your optometry growth, let’s learn a bit about Google ads.

What is Google Ads?

Google ads, formerly known as Google Adwords, is a paid form of online advertising developed by Google. Usually, google ads work in the bidding process where people bid for different keywords on which search result list they want their ads to appear.

With Google Ads, you can put your ad on the search network, including the search engines and the Google display network, giving you access to advertise to almost 2 million apps and websites.

However, always keep in mind that just bidding high will not get you the top spots of search results; you also need to maintain a good quality score of your ads and website to grab those paid spots.

How Google Ads Can Generate New Patient Appointments

Google ads is not just limited to search ads but also Google Map ads and offer various options in the form of ads extension, which you can utilize to boost your eye care practice. Besides, Google also offers you the chance to choose your audience, the location, and the magic of retargeting your website visitors. Let’s talk about what you need to do right to ensure Google generates more new patients for your optometry practice.

Keyword Target

Targeting the right keyword is the foundation of your success in Google PPC ads. Randomly bidding on any keyword with optometry or eye care is just asking for trouble and wasting money.

You need to target keywords that are relevant to your optometry and the services you provide. Some of the examples can be

  • optometrist
  • eye doctor
  • ophthalmologist
  • eye doctor near me
  • optometrist near me
  • cataract surgery

Apart from relevancy, you must also target location-based keywords; for example, if your practice is located at abc location, then you can target keywords like

  • eye care at abc
  • eye exam at abc
  • optometrist near abc

Just targeting the relevant keyword is also not enough; you need to know the keyword’s buying intent and how much the probable cost of the keyword is. You do not want to target “Eye Care Tips” for your paid PPC; these are kinda relevant but have no buying intent keyword you should target with organic SEO.

So, keep in mind the keywords type Google ads offer, such as broad match, modified broad match, phrase match, exact match, wisely, so you get the most of your expenditure.

Another important thing we strongly recommend is to add a negative keyword list in your ads campaign to stop money wastage. Overall, finding the keywords is a time-consuming task, and a lot of research needs to be done before you finalize the keyword lists you want to target. Because remember targeting the right keyword means targeting the right audience that are highly likely to book appointments with your optometry practice.

Relevant Ad groups

Once you get the keywords does not mean you put all the keywords in one group. Most newbies make the mistake of making ad groups with stuffed keywords.

Once you have the keyword list, separate them into the relevant group. You should always focus on making smaller, more specific subgroups of keywords. For example, if you offer eye care for the child, then you should not put child eye care keywords into general eye care rather make a separate group for child eye care. It is always recommended to create different ad groups for each of your services as being specific helps you target your potential clients better.

One good thing about Google ads is that you do not have to worry about misspelling, google will take care of that for you. So, do not go adding misspelled words in your ad groups.

Set Your Target Location

Optometry, in general, is a physical service, and it’s important you only target the audience who live close to your optometry practice. Because if your optometry is based in Texas, then it’s useless to target the whole USA.

In fact, targeting the whole population of Texas would be a waste of money because people will not cover a long distance to visit your practice. Google ads give you the chance to limit the location you want to show your ads for. So, use the google location setting with radius option to target people within a specific distance of your practice.

Call Extension

Call extension lets you add a call option so people can click a button to call your optometry for verbal communication. Call extension can drastically increase your ad’s call-through rate.

This option works effectively while targeting the mobile user. As more people are switching to a smartphone to use the internet nowadays, it’s important to leverage the call option for your optometry.

Besides, the call option gives you a call tracking option so you can find out how your call extension is performing and how many patients they are bringing.

Effective Ad Copies

All the research and hard work to find the right keyword and group them show your potential clients the ads that would make them click on it. So, be specific with your ad copies.

If your ad group is about dry eye, then highlight that problem and how you can solve them. For example

  • Finding objects blurry? Schedule An Eye Exam Today!
  • Not Sure which frame suits you? Check out our collection.

Your ad copy should be focused on the keywords and highlight how your service can solve the problem the potential customers may be having. And always try to make multiple ad copies for every ad group and run them for a short period to see the results and then finalize one.

Google Maps Ads

Google ads also enable you to advertise on the Google Map.  Google Map highlights local services. Highlighting your optometry on Google Map lets your potential customers the exact location of your practice and encourages them to visit you.

So, with Google Maps, ads show up on the top results for a local optometry and before your competitors seal the click.  With an increasing click, you also increase your chance of getting new patients.

Google Display Network

While Google search ads do wonder in optometry advertising, you should also leverage Google Display Network. Along with the search campaign, you also need to increase your optometry’s brand awareness, so more people know about your practice and search for your practice on Google search.

Google Display Network helps you find the right audience and show them the right message at the right time. Most people believe brand awareness is not important for eye care and optometry, but that belief can not be more wrong. Every business, including eye care, needs brand awareness. Brand awareness gains people’s trust in your brand.

Display network gives you a chance to advertise with a display like a video, HTML code, and image that you don’t have access to with Google search ads. And visuals tend to leave a stronger impact on a human being than just text ads.

Moreover, GDN gives you the chance to target a wide audience based on their behavior and interests, specific websites or website topics, demographics like age and gender, and more. And on top of that, Google Display ads are comparatively inexpensive. So, leverage Google display ads to increase your brand awareness and get new patients.


Did you ever go to any website but didn’t end up buying, and somehow that jacket or shoe keeps following you all over the internet? That’s not magic; that’s just remarketing for you.

Remarketing is a form of advertising that lets you retarget your previous website visitors with new custom advertising. Although Google has strict rules for remarketing in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, you can successfully retarget your website visitors and increase your appointment numbers if you follow the rules.

People nowadays are too busy and have too many options. Retargeting is your chance to advertise to the same multiple times and remind them about the benefits of your optometry services. And most of the time, repeated advertising turns into a success.

However, retargeting again is a visual form of advertising, so you need to be aesthetic and engaging and focus on your service’s benefits more.

A Great Landing Page

While a landing page is not a part of Google ads, an effective landing page is important to boost your Google ad’s success. A landing page is a custom page where your audience land after clicking on your ads.

You need a landing page because while a website is great to showcase your whole optometry practice, sometimes it lacks the engagement a user looks for when they click on an ad.

You should have a custom landing page that shows the benefits precisely what the ads have to offer. A landing page gives everything a potential client need in a single page and works great to increase the conversion rate

While you make all the effort with your Google ads, the PPC campaign focuses on building a landing page that seals the deal. If you need a landing page for your optometry practice, you can check our services.

Google Analytics 

To get success with Google PPC ads, you must connect your Google Analytics.  Google’s ads do give you the mandatory data on how many clicks and impressions and to form fill up you get, but you need Google Analytics to get greater insights about your website visitors.

With Google Analytics, you can see live how many people are on your website, from which location they are accessing your website, how much time they are spending on your website, and which pages they prefer and spend the most time on.

Clicks and impressions are important but how your potential patients interact with your website is also very important to know where you stand and how you should make your future strategy to boost appointments.

Monitor & Optimize

Google Ads PPC is not a setup time and gets an overnight success formula.  Google Ads advertising is a work in progress, so you constantly need to monitor and optimize to get better results.

And optimization is just budget optimization; you need to optimize every aspect of it.  You need to keep on data to find out which keywords are working better for you, and you can bid on those keywords aggressively and maybe remove keywords that are redundant.

And also, keep testing with your ad copies and landing pages to find the best fit. There is no formula to get sure success in optometry Google ads PPC; you need to do everything right and keep optimizing on the way to keep increasing your number of patients.

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