Facebook And Instagram Ads For Optometrists

Are you advertising your eye care practice on social media like Facebook and Instagram? If the answer is no, you are just losing out on a huge opportunity to increase your patient’s appointments with Facebook And Instagram Ads.

Just having a page on Facebook and Instagram will do no good for your eye care marketing. Do you know why? The answer is most of the social media is full paid ads now. Organic social media is becoming redundant with time.

If you still don’t believe us, check your Facebook and Instagram Feed, and you will see most of the product and service posts are sponsored. And then, you can continue to read this blog to know how beneficial Facebook and Instagram Ads are to your optometry practice.

Ways Facebook And Instagram Ads Increases Your Patients Bookings


Welcome Back! Now that you know, Paid Ads are what you need to go for if you want to get accurate marketing results from Facebook and Instagram. Let us talk about all the good things Facebook and Instagram ads offer for eye care practice growth. Here are some of the ways Facebook And Instagram Ads can increase your patient’s bookings:

Increase Brand Awareness Of Your Practice

Social media has changed the ways to engage with your potential patients. The digital platform has taken over the traditional forms of advertising, just like smartphones have taken the place of newspapers and magazines for most people.

Awareness is the first step in any marketing because you can not expect them to purchase your product or service unless people know about your service. As most people are on either Facebook or Instagram or both, it becomes the most significant platform to increase awareness about your practice among people. 

Use Paid Ads to show up on people’s Facebook, and Instagram feeds, so people know about your practice and your services, so they know about your practice exists. Brand awareness puts your practice on top of people’s heads when they think of eye care service next time. As more people know about your practice, the number of people booking for your eye care practice increases.

Multiple Ads Forms To Target Patients Of All Levels Of Buying Funnel 

Social Media ads like Facebook and Instagram Ads offer you various ad forms to target different levels of patients. Yes. No more plain boring text ads. You can choose to use a

  • Image Ads
  • Stories Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Carousel Image Ads

And so on to choose from in your ads to target your potential clients.

One single type Ads does not work for everyone. For example, suppose a single person may be interested in solving his eye problems. In that case, a family person will be interested in optometry practices that will have eye care for all his family members.

You can use the form of advertising that will work for the potential patients you intend to target. Social media also offers multiple call-to-action buttons to choose from, so you give your ideal patients to take action immediately from your ads.

Only Target Your Potential Patients

Facebook has 2.8 Billion users, and Instagram has 1.8 billion users, and of course, it is no brainer you can not, and you must not just show your ads to any random person using any of the platforms and lose money.

No worries, you won’t have to. Social Media ads provide you with multiple filters to hyper-target your audience. When people sign up on social media, they have to give so much information. In addition, people share everything nowadays on social media. And you can use that information to micro-target only your ideal patients and not just any tom, dick and harry.

Depending on the services you offer, you can narrow down your audience using targeting such as 

  • Location
  • Spoken languages
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Interests (expressed interests, likes, and hobbies from their Social profile)
  • Education 
  • Job 
  • Income
  • Political affiliation
  • Interests
  • Behaviors and Recent Purchases
  • Major Life Events

You may not need all these, but some work great for the eye care industry. For example, you can filter out people over 40, target them with an ad that focuses on comprehensive eye exams that eye experts recommend to people who are 40 and older.

Highlight Benefits And Offers In An Engaging Way To Boost Patients Appointments

You can highlight your offer and why you are unique and better than competitors in social media ads in a more engaging way as you have more options to choose from. You can make interesting videos that include your previous patient’s testimony about your practice and how technologically advanced your clinic is.

Visuals can send a message better and leave a much stronger impression on the audience than text ads. And both Facebook and Instagram give you the chance to highlight your benefits in so many various formats to attract your ideal patients aggressively.

Moreover, if you are thinking of offering a limited time, for example, 20% off on a contact lens exam, or if you want to highlight the benefits you may offer like walk-in eye exams, then social media ads are the most effective platform to reach your potential audience in the shortest period.

Target Local Audiences To Get More Quality Traffic To Your Eye Care Website

Eyecare is a physical service; just like you check ten shoes online before buying one, people looking for eye care also like to know more about your eye care services before making the final appointments.

With a hyper-targeting option, you can choose to show ads only to your local people who decide nearby your optometry clinic and are highly likely to book appointments. Targeting local audiences gets you quality clicks from potential patients. 

Retarget Your Website Visitors To Boost Appointments

Retargeting show your ads to people who have already visited your website. While eye care is a necessity, many people keep delaying their eye exams for various reasons. So, remind them about the appointment they need to make and highlight why they should choose you to increase the chance of that person returning to your website to book appointments.

There is technology available to use your website visitors and retarget them depending on their interaction with your website. Another reason remarketing works is showing more aggressive and specific ads. Suppose someone came to your website and only checked the diabetic eye exam page. You know the person is interested in that particular service, so you can show them all the benefits of choosing your eye care clinic for his diabetic eye exams.

Test And Optimize To Get Measurable Growth


Facebook ads offer you the option to A/B test your ads to figure out which options are working better for you and which ones are not bringing in any results. Marketing is all about optimizing, and social media offers you the platform to do so.

Marketing trends keep changing so does people’s mindset and how they interact with social media ads. Facebook provides you detailed insights about your audience, content, and trends so you can make changes to your ads and campaign to get better results.

Affordable Advertising To Increase Patients.

Social Media PPC ads are cheaper than search ads; while we are not diminishing the importance of social media ads, experts highly recommend eye care providers to advertise on Facebook and Instagram to get more traffic to your website at a lower cost.

Facebook and Instagram ads show the fastest results in PPC ads that too at a lower price. So, make sure to include social media ads in your marketing plan to bring a huge chunk of quality traffic to your website, increase patient appointments, and get a more significant ROI (return on investment).

We are sure you are convinced by now that you must advertise your optometry and eye care clinic on Facebook and Instagram. For professional help, check out our Facebook ads service for eye care.

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