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Grow your eye care practice with a solid online presence. We ensure sustainable growth by increasing brand awareness and patient appointments by leveraging Search and Social PPC ads.



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    Deep Research

    We study your practice and do our deep research to find out relevant keywords, potential audience, and competitors we need to beat.

    Campaign Strategy

    We build Search and Map ad campaigns according to the marketing strategy we make based on our research results and set up all the tools needed to track campaign performance.

    Constant Optimization

    Our Dedicated account manager always keeps an eye on the performance data to analyze and optimize consistently to get you the optimal results.

    Services We Offer in ECGrowth


    Why is PPC so crucial for your practice’s Growth?

    Eye care is a competitive field, and PPC ads are your best shot to boost your patient’s appointments. PPC advertising gives you the edge over your competitor by placing your ads on the top of the search results to reach your potential patients.

    Show up on Top when people search for eye care, optometry service, or your specialty. Not just top place! PPC campaign offers you the flexibility to choose whom you want to show your ad as well. You can choose your potential clients based on gender, location, age, and many more to advertise your specialty.

    As the name suggests (Paid Per Click), you only have to pay if someone clicks on your ads. So, start your journey towards sustainable practice growth with targeted PPC Ads and only pay for results and not the impressions.


    Maximize Patients Appointment By Targeting

    The more audience you will target, the more patient appointments you are likely to receive. And that’s why we offer both Google And Bing ads in ECGrowth, so you show up on top of every local search for eye care or optometry in your area irrespective of the search engine.

    While Google is a Search Giant, Microsoft offers you the edge to aim local searches better, and combined; you get to target all (almost) search audiences. Eye Care Marketer is both Premier Google Partner and Microsoft Certified Marketers and knows how to use both platforms effectively to get a maximum number of patients with a guaranteed positive /greater return on investment.

    We leverage Google search Ads, Google Maps Ads, and Microsoft ads to target a quality audience and show up on search results of all local searches for eye care and grow faster while ensuring minimum money wastage.


    Accelerate your Practice’s Popularity Leveraging Social Media PPC

    Use Facebook and Instagram ads to increase your online presence by engaging with potential audiences. Social Media is highly effective in increasing your practice credibility. So start advertising on Facebook and Instagram today to gain people’s trust in your practice and ensure more new patients.

    Social Media allows you to micro-target your potential patients with an advanced filter option like interest, education, behavior, and life events, that are not available with search ads. We narrow down the audience to target your practice for more significant results in a shorter period through our deep research.


    Engaging Creative And Visual Ensure Better Engagement and Increased Brand awareness

    We at Eye Care Marketer know what draws a patient’s attention and how to avoid unnecessary distractions in ad copies, so the right messages reach your ideal patients. With ECGrowth, we guarantee to take your practice’s brand awareness to the next level, which eventually results in more patients.

    Increasing brand awareness is like leaving a mark on people’s memory, so next time whenever they think of excellent eye care services, they think of your practice. Visuals like creative ads and personalized banners are the most effective way to make a mark on people’s minds and gain the trust your practice needs to get more patients.


    Get Dedicated Management For Sustainable Growth

    Sustainable practice growth means maximizing patients’ appointments while minimizing cost and doing that constantly for every month. We provide dedicated account management in our ECGrowth plan, so your monthly patient’s appointments number only grows with time.

    A Google Ads, Microsoft ads Certified expert will manage and monitor your marketing campaign to maintain your practice growth. Besides, we constantly keep testing and analyzing data from both social and search ads campaigns and optimize them.

    We focus on getting you quality visitors to your website through optimization, so you do not have to pay for clicks that don’t convert. With dedicated management, we work tirelessly so you can enjoy maximum return on ad spend with minimum wastage.


    No Question Asked

    14 days money back guarantee*

    We guarantee 100% satisfaction with our help & support service. However, if you don’t like our campaigns setup, we’ll happily refund 100% of your campaign setup money within 14 days of your purchase. No questions will be asked.




    Client Success

    Slide Advanced Eye Clinic 74% Increase in Patients Appointment “Our clinic was starving for more new patients and our online booking was falling due to the pandemic. We contacted Eye Care Marketer and they made a digital marketing strategy with Google Ads, SEO & Facebook Ads. Now we are seeing more patients than I have on our every location for the last 3 months. Our website is on Google's first page and our ads are always on the number #1 spot. That’s pretty awesome!” SEE SUCCESS STORY Advanced-eyecare-Eyecare0marketer eyecare-dot Slide Senshinkai Eye Clinics 81% Increase in Revenues “Everywhere I go on the internet, I see your Ads. On Facebook, On YouTube, On News Portals, On Google Maps & Search. That’s what a patient told me when visiting our clinic. That feels good, doesn’t it? Eye Care Marketer made this possible with all their hard work and dedicated effort. Every time I message them, they are online to provide support. Tariqul from eye care marketing team is like my friend now for the last 8 months. I highly recommend them” SEE SUCCESS STORY dr-yo-eye-care-marketer eyecare-dot
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    No Hidden Fees And No Contracts

    All of our products, from websites to the most advanced marketing packages, are 100% contract-free. That’s because we’re confident in the value you’ll receive and the return on investment our services provide. Don’t believe us? Give it a try. Come for the “no contracts thing”, stay for the fabulous ROI.

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