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Looking for a powerful online presence for your practice? ECPower creates a prominent online presence with PPC and ensures appointments growth with personalized landing pages.



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    Deep Research

    We study your practice and your desired goals. Then do our deep research to find relevant keywords, potential audiences, and competitors we need to beat to achieve your goal.

    Campaign Strategy

    We build a strategy to reach your desired goals by leveraging SEO, PPC and personalized landing page design.

    Constant Optimization

    Our dedicated account manager always keeps an eye on the performance data to analyze and optimize consistently to get you the optimal results.

    Services We Offer in ECPower


    Leverage the POWER of Search PPC Ads to Get new Patients

    The most effective way of getting new patients is by showing up on top of relevant eye care search results. Only PPC search ads can ensure you the top spots of the search results page.

    Not just search results in the top spot, the power of PPC also gives you the ability to decide the audience you want to target based on location, age, gender, etc. So, target only your local audience when you show up on top of results when searching for eye care or optometry services and pay only when someone clicks on your PPC (Pay Per Click).

    We are both Premier Google Partner & Microsoft Certified Marketers and know exactly how to use the special features of these platforms to make sure your patient appoints grow increasingly, and you get a greater return on your ads to spend.


    Why Need Social Ads if you already use Search Ads

    The power of social media is the most effective tool to increase brand awareness of your practice. Putting out attractive ads on Facebook and Instagram will get people’s attention and make them more aware of services. Brand awareness is crucial to keep your practice name on top of people’s minds, so next time they need eye care, your practice name pops up in their head.

    Facebook and Instagram impressions also go a long way to increase your brand’s popularity, gain credibility and people’s trust. Besides, Facebook and Instagram provide you to micro-target your audience based on location, age, gender, behavior, interest, life event, and so on. Effectively targeting the quality audience with the right message will push them closer to booking the appointments.

    ECPower uses both Instagram and Facebook creatives to target your audience effectively. We do our research to find out which audience for your different services and make custom-made creatives guaranteed to bring in results.

    Also, Get the personalized creative banner design that tells your potential client about your brand to connect with you better. Social media is the new word of mouth, and Facebook and Instagram PPC ads effectively highlight the benefits of your practice to get you new patients.


    Increase patient conversion rate with our POWER FULL landing pages

    A landing page is a standalone web page where your audience lands after clicking on your PPC ads. But the question is, why you need a landing page when you have invested in building an entire website for your practice?

    The answer is that a landing page can make or break your marketing strategy and influence your return on investment in PPC ads. Every time someone clicks your ad, it costs you money but becomes a profit if the click ends up booking.

    With ECPower, we make landing pages relevant to your ads. So when potential patients click on your ad, they find all the correct information properly, so they end up booking appointments.

    So, do not just invest in getting website visitors and lose money because they don’t have time to navigate through your website. Instead, leverage our engaging landing page with an easy spot call to action button that makes sure your visitors convert to patients.


    Leverage Power of Remarketing to get More patients

    Retargeting is the process of showing ads to your previous website visitors. Retargeting can be hugely successful in bringing back the visitors to complete appointments.

    However, the retargeting audience for eye care is tricky as you need to follow many restriction rules while retargeting your potential patients on both Search and Social Ads. We at EyeCare Marketer have found the balance you need to maintain in your retargeting ads to get approved on both Google Display Network and Social Platforms.

    Facebook and Instagram retargeting ads are highly effective in earning you a lot of new patients. With ECPower, We offer retargeting services on Google Display Network and Facebook to add more patients to your monthly appointment list.


    Power of Dedicated Management For Sustainable Growth

    Sustainable practice growth means maximizing patients’ appointments while minimizing cost and doing that constantly for every month. We provide dedicated account management in our ECPower plan, so your monthly patient’s appointment number only grows with time.

    A Google Ads, Microsoft ads Certified expert would manage and monitor your marketing campaign to maintain your practice growth. Besides, we constantly keep testing and analyzing data from both social and search ads campaigns and optimize them.

    We focus on getting you quality visitors to your website through optimization, so you only pay for clicks that convert. We manage your marketing campaign with utmost dedication so you can enjoy maximum return on ad spend with minimum wastage.


    No Question Asked

    14 days money back guarantee

    We guarantee 100% satisfaction with our help & support service. However, if you don’t like our campaigns setup, we’ll happily refund 100% of your campaign setup money within 14 days of your purchase. No questions will be asked.




    Client Success

    Slide Advanced Eye Clinic 74% Increase in Patients Appointment “Our clinic was starving for more new patients and our online booking was falling due to the pandemic. We contacted Eye Care Marketer and they made a digital marketing strategy with Google Ads, SEO & Facebook Ads. Now we are seeing more patients than I have on our every location for the last 3 months. Our website is on Google's first page and our ads are always on the number #1 spot. That’s pretty awesome!” SEE SUCCESS STORY Advanced-eyecare-Eyecare0marketer eyecare-dot Slide Senshinkai Eye Clinics 81% Increase in Revenues “Everywhere I go on the internet, I see your Ads. On Facebook, On YouTube, On News Portals, On Google Maps & Search. That’s what a patient told me when visiting our clinic. That feels good, doesn’t it? Eye Care Marketer made this possible with all their hard work and dedicated effort. Every time I message them, they are online to provide support. Tariqul from eye care marketing team is like my friend now for the last 8 months. I highly recommend them” SEE SUCCESS STORY dr-yo-eye-care-marketer eyecare-dot
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    No Hidden Fees And No Contracts

    All of our products, from websites to the most advanced marketing packages, are 100% contract-free. That’s because we’re confident in the value you’ll receive and the return on investment our services provide. Don’t believe us? Give it a try. Come for the “no contracts thing”, stay for the fabulous ROI.

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