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Looking to create your practice’s brand identity or rebrand your eye care practice? We strategically create your practice’s digital brand and increase ROI with new patient appointments.



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    Deep Research

    We study your practice and your desired goals. Then do our deep research to find relevant keywords, potential audiences, and competitors we need to beat to achieve your goal.

    Campaign Strategy

    We build a strategy to reach your desired goals by leveraging PPC, SEO, Creatives, Custom Website & personalized landing page design.

    Constant Optimization

    Our Dedicated account manager always keeps an eye on the performance data to analyze and optimize consistently to get you the optimal results.

    Services We Offer in ECSpace


    Website Content Is Where It starts

    Building a digital brand is ensuring your mission and essence reflects in all your digital footprint. Your website is your digital address, and we start with that.

    Your website content should be aligned with the brand you want to create for your practice and the message you want to show your potential clients. We provide you website content with proper text and images that tell your story, express your brand through our words and visuals.

    Your website will decide the first impression of your practice when someone visits your website. Having a website that looks soothing to the eyes and tells the message in an easy, engaging, and informative way will ensure a great first impression to your potential patients.


    Localized SEO for Eye Care

    Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing your website, so Search engines show your web pages in the search results. Then what is localized SEO? Localized SEO is a branch of Search Engine Optimization that focuses on ensuring your practice shows up for all the local searches.

    Earlier, Just search engine optimization was enough because there was less competition. Now, Search Engine is more focused on showing the local results. Because if you search for an eye clinic, it’s useless to show you eye care in a different state unless you search for particular eye care in another state.

    Localized SEO paves your way to beat your competition to the top of local search results. Being on Search Engine local listing and ensuring location-based on-page SEO is essential for Localized SEO. We help you set up Google My Business for the local listing and also increase your site’s SEO score with internal linking and engaging content.

    Getting traffic through SEO is a long process, but it sure makes your PPC do much better. Search Engines love SEO-optimized websites and prefer them over others, even with PPC.

    And did you know that Google charges you less if you constantly show up on top results? Yes. So, while SEO is not a substitute for PPC, it is the greatest compliment to your ad campaigns, which can ensure you a greater return on ad spends.


    Be the face of local eye care With PPC Ads.

    Most people search for local eye care services before finalizing any local services, and Eyecare is no different. So, if you aim to become the face of eye care in your local area, it is mandatory to show up on top results when people search for Eye care services.

    Search engines fill the top few places of the search result page with sponsored PPC ads to the highest bidders. And you only get charged when someone clicks on your ads. So, PPC ads are your only effective way to show up on the search results page.

    And we ensure total domination on the local search by leveraging both Microsoft search Ads with Google Search Ads, so your practice shows up on the top results when anyone in your area goes online searching for Eyecare & optometry services. Our Premier Google Partner and Microsoft Certified Marketers know search ads too well to make sure you get the best out of them.


    Facebook and Instagram Ads for Brand Recognition

    Creating a successful brand is about creating awareness, getting your audience to consider your service, and finally pushing them to convert. Social Media is an excellent place for building your brand as it offers you the most prominent platform where millions of people spend time every day.

    Creating a visible presence on Facebook and Instagram ads is a great way to create awareness about your practice among your potential methods. When done effectively, Facebook and Instagram ads will increase people’s trust in your practice and give your brand the much needed credibility to attract new patients.

    Besides, Facebook and Instagram enable you to hyper-target your potential clients, so you only show ads to your potential clients based on Age, Gender, Interests, Education, Profession, life events and so on. Hyper targeting with suitable ads will increase traffic to your website and thus bring in patients.

    Online visibility on Facebook and Instagram keeps your practice on top of people’s minds, so they think of your practice next time they need eye care. This helps you gain more organic search with your brand name and increases your website’s authority.

    We use both Facebook and Instagram creatives to effectively target your ideal patients to increase your brand awareness and increase your website traffic. Besides, we also offer creative banner designs fully personalized to fit your brand that you can use for your Instagram and Facebook cover to greet our ideal patients with your brand message.


    Regular Blog Post To Boost Your SEO & Audience Engagements

    The search engine’s primary purpose is to answer people’s queries, and blogs are the way to answer questions your potential patients may have. Besides, blogs are your way to connect with your likely patients and gain their trust and push them one step closer to book appointments.
    Google loves who everyone loves, so the more time people on your website, the more website authority you gain. We offer regular engaging eye care blogs to keep your website relevant and help your potential customer engage with your website better.
    Besides, continuous SEO optimization with internal linking and targeting long-term keywords help you index the organic spots of Search results. However, never think that SEO is a substitute for PPC; it is the biggest compliment to your PPC but is not an alternative. You need both to work your way to dominate the search results page and get more patients.


    Get More New Patients With Retargeting

    Retargeting is the practice of showing ads to your previous website visitors. This formula is effective because it helps you target the people who showed their interest in eye care services by visiting your website.

    We leverage both Google Display Network and Facebook to retarget your audience to remind them about the benefits of your special services. We analyze visitor’s intent and target the quality audience, not just any website visitor.

    While most agencies struggle to get their remarketing ads approved, we have successfully helped eye care practices increase their patient’s bookings with effective retargeting.


    Custom landing page to boost your marketing Game

    A landing page is a standalone web page where your audience lands after clicking on your PPC ads.
    Most marketing efforts go in vain because visitors bounce back and do not end up booking. With targeted ads, you show a specific service to a particular audience, and when they do not find the relevant information on your website page, they leave.
    Why spend so much money and work so hard to get the patients to visit your website if you do not get the appointments? No reason. We provide you the landing pages that are consistent with your brand and show your service in an attractive and engaging way. We ensure a clear design with an easy-to-spot call to action button, so your patients do not leave the page because of unnecessary distractions.


    Get Measurable Success Dedicated Management

    Our dedicated management ensures sustainable practice growth and maximum patient appointments while minimizing cost. We don’t just claim; we show you the results in the numbers of new patients and Return on Ads spend.

    Marketing is a process, and we constantly keep testing and analyzing data to optimize our strategy, so your growth never slows down. We offer a Google Ads, Microsoft ads Certified expert who will manage and monitor your marketing campaigns dedicatedly to ensure results for every ECSpace plan.

    With ECSpace, we offer a wholesome marketing plan that improves your website’s authority and increases your brand’s credibility, and thus boosts your patient’s appointments. We manage your marketing campaign with utmost dedication so you can enjoy maximum Return On Investment with minimum wastage.


    No Question Asked

    14 days money back guarantee

    We guarantee 100% satisfaction with our help & support service. However, if you don’t like our campaigns setup, we’ll happily refund 100% of your campaign setup money within 14 days of your purchase. No questions will be asked.




    Client Success

    Slide Advanced Eye Clinic 74% Increase in Patients Appointment “Our clinic was starving for more new patients and our online booking was falling due to the pandemic. We contacted Eye Care Marketer and they made a digital marketing strategy with Google Ads, SEO & Facebook Ads. Now we are seeing more patients than I have on our every location for the last 3 months. Our website is on Google's first page and our ads are always on the number #1 spot. That’s pretty awesome!” SEE SUCCESS STORY Advanced-eyecare-Eyecare0marketer eyecare-dot Slide Senshinkai Eye Clinics 81% Increase in Revenues “Everywhere I go on the internet, I see your Ads. On Facebook, On YouTube, On News Portals, On Google Maps & Search. That’s what a patient told me when visiting our clinic. That feels good, doesn’t it? Eye Care Marketer made this possible with all their hard work and dedicated effort. Every time I message them, they are online to provide support. Tariqul from eye care marketing team is like my friend now for the last 8 months. I highly recommend them” SEE SUCCESS STORY dr-yo-eye-care-marketer eyecare-dot
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    No Hidden Fees And No Contracts

    All of our products, from websites to the most advanced marketing packages, are 100% contract-free. That’s because we’re confident in the value you’ll receive and the return on investment our services provide. Don’t believe us? Give it a try. Come for the “no contracts thing”, stay for the fabulous ROI.

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